Happy customer report

Now these pics from the camera are up I promise not to post them again.

What a feeling this was, I fish because I like the peace and quiet and being at 1 with myself, I also fish to capture these incredible creatures and cherish the memories.

This is a memory that will never leave me EVER!!

Someone asked if catching an 80lb carp had ruined my fishing!!
My answer to that is ‘NO WAY’ it’s just made me appreciate them more and made me want to go and catch more NO MATTER how big or small they’re.

1 other thing it has done is made me start looking for my next holiday lake to have Mirrors and not big commons.

Thanks Lee Bayliss of www.BayLakes.co.uk for the opportunity of catching this amazing carp, and to the lads for being there and sharing it with me.

The fish was a part of a 21 fish catch for me over the week on my new shops bait AKC Bait & Tackle ‘Cottington Red’

Photo Credit: Sam Woodcock
Lake: Bay Lakes France 🇫🇷
Bait: AKC ‘Cottington Red’

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